Beyond Square: Advantages Of Other Mobile Payment Solutions

Wherever you about-face these days, you assume to apprehend about adaptable transaction systems. From commercials for transaction solutions like Square to questions from your merchant partners, anybody seems to be talking about acclaim agenda processing by adaptable phone.

You can acknowledge Square for abundant of this. With its contemporary agenda reader, Square has fabricated a splash, not alone causing a fizz a part of merchants, but a part of the accepted accessible as well.

However, afresh abounding of our coffer ally accept asked us if they could action added adaptable transaction solutions to their customers. And the acknowledgment is yes.

Companies like eProcessing Network, MagTek, TSYS and Verifone are all solid alternatives to Square. In fact, abounding of them accept been about best than Square. And while Square absolutely has abounding allowances to action to merchants, these added adaptable transaction systems action the afterward advantages of their own:

Increasingly Competitive Pricing

Square heavily promotes its 2.75% anchored pricing, but beyond merchants can get even bigger ante if they about-face to added adaptable transaction companies.

Plus, added companies are communicable up with Square in agreement of accessibility as well. With its chargeless agenda clairvoyant and abridgement of annual anchored fees, Square has wooed merchants with its affluence and simplicity. However, added companies are now rolling out an arrangement of altered appraisement options (including up foreground costs, annual costs and transaction-based fees) so that they can accommodated the needs and preferences of all types of merchants.

More Ascendancy Over Deposits

Although Square alone its antecedent drop limit, it still affluence the appropriate to authority deposits or actualize a assets for those merchants that is deems chancy or who accept an boundless bulk of allotment or chargebacks. This agency that some merchants who action with Square could accept beneath ascendancy and authoritativeness over deposits in allegory to adaptable payments with a merchant account.

Better Chump Support

When you accept an affair with a Square transaction, you will not be able to allocution to reside abutment reps. Square alone offers chump abutment through email, forums, videos and its Twitter feed. This is adequate in some circumstances, but if a chump has a acute problem, the endure affair you apparently wish to accept to do is seek through those channels for the acknowledgment to your question.

Multiple POS Options

Some adaptable transaction systems can be acclimated with acceptable acclaim agenda terminals and basic terminals. Square is added apparent and doesn’t action this affectionate of adaptability to merchants.

Have your barter asked you about Square or added adaptable transaction systems? What alternatives to Square do you like? Leave us a animadversion beneath to ask a catechism about adaptable payments or any added transaction processing topic.